August 16, 2011

Archive III: Photos from the book "Mexico D.F. 03/2002"

In March 2002 I photographed rituals in the ancient town of Teotihuacán in Mexico, I took portraits of the techno scene in Mexico-City and mixed them with photos of things and places which stood for the globalization. The result was a book which was a prelude to a later work about travellers, seekers and an alternative lifestyle. This is an excerpt.

August 14, 2011

Archive II: Photos from the book: "And what has been yesterday is not here anymore, and what is alive today can't hope to be here tomorrow"

Oaxaca, Mexico, 1995 - Title of the book by Nezahualcoyotl, 
a philosopher, warrior, architect, poet and ruler in pre-Columbian Mexico (1402 - 1472)

August 8, 2011

Archive I: Photoexhibition 1995 in Oaxaca, Mexico

I was invited to speak about my work "God And Other Spirits" which I photographed during a stay of six months in the south of Mexico - the theme was the spiritual life of indigenous people. They mixed their prehispanic customs, rituals and beliefs with the catholic religion which entered their lives with the spanish missionaries in the 16th century. 7 minutes, in spanish.